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Who will reach Dr. Possum's house first? Draw one of 48 cards for a clue: "Uncle Wiggily hops ahead three, he's having fun, don't you agree?" You're off to a good start! (Non- and beginning-readers will find the number "3" is also on the card). Playing on this authentically illustrated board is as magical as hopping right into the Uncle Wiggily tales of old. For ages 4-8 to have fun learning reading, counting, number recognition, and sharing skills. 

The Uncle Wiggily board game has been in production since 1916! It is currently being made by Winning Moves Games. For more history about Uncle Wiggily, scroll down past the video. 

Contents: Game board, 4 Ungle Wiggily tokens, and 48 game cards.
  PDF copy of the rules

    • Recommended for ages 4+   
    • 2-4  players
    • Game play runs 15-20 minutes

    This board game has been in production for over a century! The history according to Wikipedia: 

    "Howard R. Garis created the character "Uncle Wiggily Longears" for a children's book in 1910. The game based on the children's story was first introduced by the Milton Bradley Company in 1916. Milton Bradley modified the game in 1923, 1949, and 1955.[1] In 1947, the game cost $.67.[2]

    Parker Brothers obtained the rights to Uncle Wiggily in 1967. However, in 1989 both Milton Bradley Company and Parker Brothers reintroduced different versions of the same game. Hasbro now owns both the Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley rights. The game is currently published by Winning Moves

    The number of spaces on the track, the number of decks of cards, and the number of cards have all fluctuated through the years with the various editions published. The game board has been illustrated several times. The counters have been produced in both painted wood and colored plastic figurines of Uncle Wiggily. The board game in the 1950s had six painted metal (probably zinc) counters. "

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