13 Dead End Drive

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A motley crew of Aunt Agatha’s friends and employees are gathered at her Mansion for the reading of her will. Only one of these 12 specially invited guests will inherit her loot. Who will it be? Old Hickory her gardener? Her best friend Lulu? Poopsie her fluffy Cat? Or, one of Aunt agatha’s other nearest and not-so-dearest? 

It’s hard to stay on your feet at 13 Dead EndDrive. The mansion is filled with traps for the unwary - a toppling statue, a shaky chandelier and more! You may have to spring some of these traps to “knock off” your opponents to win the game.

You will inherit Aunt Agatha’s vast fortune and win the game if:

1. You manage to get your pawn out of the mansion and land on the Game Over space when its portrait is shown hanging on the wall.


2. The Detective pawn reaches the Game Over space and the character portrait that matches a surviving pawn that you control is shown hanging on the wall.


3. Your pawn is the last one left standing (the lone survivor because all other player’s pawns have been eliminated).

Contents:  3-D Mansion game board with plastic stairs, fireplace, chandelier, bookcase, statue, and portrait frame; 12 cardboard playing pieces with plastic stands; 54 cards; 2 dice; plastic clips and rubber band (for securing "traps"); cardboard parts sheets; self-adhesive label sheet; and illustrated instructions. 

Made by Hasbro and Winning Moves Games

  • Ages 8 and up
  • 2-4 players

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