Grass Valley & California Keepsakes

We have a great selection of Grass Valley and California keepsakes!

This unique collection of Christmas ornaments celebrates the spirit of Downtown Grass Valley through its architecture! A new ornament is released every year in the fall, just in time for the holidays. 

These Christmas ornaments celebrate the spirit, architecture, and points of interest of Downtown Grass Valley! A fun tradition that began in 2004, a new ornament is released each fall. The ornaments are made out of brass and colored with enamel paint. 

The complete list of ornaments: 

2004 : Holbrooke Hotel (sold out) 
2005: Del Oro Movie Theater (sold out) 
2006: Grass Valley Library Royce Branch
2007: Old Post Office
2008: Nevada County Bank (sold out) 
2009: Foothill Flowers (sold out) 
2010: Foothill Mercantile (sold out) 
2011: The Union Square Building (sold out) 
2012: Clock Tower (sold out) 
2013: The Stamp Mill (sold out) 
2014: Ore Cart 
2015: Episcopal Church
2016: Elks Lodge
2017: Tofanelli's
2018: Tess'/Mill St Clothing Co. 
2019: Heart & Home
2020: Yuba Blue 
2021: Center For The Arts
2022: Holbrooke Hotel (Restoration)
2023: Cirino's