Tentacle Tantrum

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It's a frenzy of fish-snatching fun!

Each player gets a wiggly squiggly tentacle with a suction cup attached at the end. Spread out the sea creature tiles into a grid and then get ready...

The Tentacle Tantrum is about to begin!

With a roll of the dice, a color and a sea-creature are revealed. Quick! - Everyone races to snatch up all the tiles that match the dice either by color, shape, or better yet, BOTH using only the suction cup of their tentacle.

Whoever collects the most sea creatures wins!

Fast-paced fun leads to shape and color matching mastery, encourages hand-eye coordination, and quick thinking in the wonderfully goofy game of Tentacle Tantrum.

Made by Continuum Games. 

Contents: 6 tentacles, 2 dice, 72 sea creature tiles, detailed game rules and instructions 

    • Recommended for ages 3+   
    • 2-6  players
    • Play time is approximately 20 minutes

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