On the Farm

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Discover Farm Life Through Creative Play

Who's in the barnyard? Invite your child to make associations and learn new words by matching the animals and vehicles in this colorful farm set up to corresponding images. This family farm game, designed for 1 to 2 players ages 2 and up, teaches children how to follow simple rules while learning new vocabulary through expressive play. They learn how to remove pieces in a puzzle, construct a barn, name words within a play scheme, and how to follow first game play.

Start the Game with a First Discovery
  • Open the barn like a book and help your child identifying all the animals and objects by asking appropriate questions.
  • Talk through the illustrations outside the barn with the fruit stand, conveyor with bales of hay and parked tractor.
  • Practice animal sounds as you match and place your cut-out figures next to corresponding pictures on the barn!
  • Ask your kid to sort the toys: Which animals are there? How many do you see? Can you count them? What vehicles does the farmer use?
  • For older children, take the play up a notch with a matching game as you switch game figures and others have to guess who moved.
Building Vocabulary through Association

On the Farm teaches children first game play mechanisms like taking turns and following rules in a 3-dimensional set-up. Thoughtful instruction tips guide parents on how to use the set most effectively for building vocabulary, asking age appropriate questions, encouraging association and deduction. Various levels of difficulty in game play from first discovery to matching games support your child's development stages through creative, free play. Speech development is promoted by playful interaction while fine motor skills are trained by constructing the barn with its extra thick cardboard.

3-Dimensional Game Set-Up

This 3-D farm set is easy to assemble and made of extra-thick cardboard. Colorful illustrations with lots of detail and a door and windows as puzzle pieces encourage free play. All animals and vehicles function as playing pieces in supporting plastic stands. Detailed instructions guide parents through game plays of various levels of difficulty and include helpful tips on how to develop vocabulary. All contents store in the sturdy cardboard box.

Contents: 1 roof, 1 barn, 1 base, 3 bales of hay, 10 playing figures, 10 support stands, and detailed instructions

    • Recommended for ages 2+  
    • 1 - 2  players
    • Game time runs 10-15 minutes

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