Chutes and Ladders - Classic 70's Edition

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Bring back memories with the classic up and down game for kids! Inspired by the 1978 edition, this classic version of the Chutes and Ladders game features original artwork illustrating the rewards of good deeds and the consequences of naughty ones. The popular family-favorite challenges kids to scramble to the top of the gameboard without slip-sliding down! Players spin the spinner and move along the numbered path. If a player lands at the foot of a ladder, they'll climb the ladder and move closer to the top. But watch out! If a player lands on a chute, it's time to slide back down. The first player to reach square 100 wins! From Hasbro. 

 Heavy duty bi-fold gameboard, 4 movers with plastic bases, Oversized spinner, Illustrated Instructions

    • Recommended for ages 4+  
    • 2-4  players
    • Game time runs 15-30 minutes

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