Strike Dice Game

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A classic family-friendly dice game, Strike is easy to learn and a blast to play for players of all ages! The game is easy: Roll. Match. Win! Throw dice into the arena to make matches and take more dice. Watch out, though—roll an “X” or bounce your dice out of the arena and those dice are out of the game! The last player left with dice wins! Playing Strike In Strike, players take turns rolling one die in the arena. You choose whether to roll your dice with care or throw to strike other dice in the arena! After each roll, check the arena for any dice showing “X” and remove them. Add any matching dice to your pool. If there are no matches, you can choose to pass or press your luck and throw another die into the arena. Keeping rolling at your own risk—you may run out of dice!

Contents: 26 Dice, 1 Area, 1 Foam Arena Mat, Rulebook

    • Recommended for ages 8 and up   
    • 2-5 players
    • Game play runs 15 minutes

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