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Taking on the role of a medieval king, players set out to rule feudal Europe by building castles, taxing their subjects, expanding their territories, and engaging in battle. The game features 4 separate armies and 7 unique kingdoms--each with its own strengths and abilities.Strategic conquest in the Risk Europe game revolves around players choosing cards that determine actions and directives for their armies. The first player to conquer 7 of the Gold Crown Cities wins. Remember. ..in the end, only 1 king will be victorious.

The Risk Europe game lets you add secret missions to your game as an additional play option. In Secret Mission mode, you review the missions stated on the back of the Crown Card that you pick from the pile. Then you secretly choose 1 of the 2 missions offered and keep that card in front of you face down. Don't reveal the mission to other players until you complete it. Once your secret mission is complete you add a permanent crown to your kingdom, plus a bonus that counts for the rest of the game.

Contents:  Game board; 15 crowns; 4 armies with 35 footmen, 12 archers, 12 calvary, and 4 siege weapons each; 8 castles, 12 red dice, 32 King's Orders cards (4 decks); 8 city bonus tiles; 21 gold pieces; 40 silver pieces; 4 war banners; First Player marker; 4 reminder cards; 8 crown cards; card box; and game guide

  • Ages 14 and up
  • 2-4 players
  • Game play 45 minutes - 3 hours


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