Mars Launch & Land

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Scientific Explorer Mars Rover Launch & Land sends you astronaut-in-training on an imaginary journey to Mars! Build, launch, and learn all about NASA as Curiosity Rover and its research trip to Mars. Build your own rover, load it into the heat shield, place it into the launching cone, and get ready for takeoff! Send your gear into the air and watch it parachute down to the landing map. Once you land on the Mars landing map, the Curiosity Rover model has a pull-back and go mechanism so you can zoom over the terrain.

From Alex Brands, POOF Slinky, and Scientific Explorer

Recommended Ages 8 and up

Kit contents:

  • 7-Piece Curiosity Rover Model
  • Sky Crane Model
  • 2-Piece Heat Shield Model
  • Nylon Parachute
  • Mars Landing Map
  • Mars Paper Launching Cone
  • Instructions


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