King Lizard Robot Kit

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This King Lizard Robot functions with two AI modes: Chase and Follow-me, and it is easy to flip the switch between the two. In Escape Mode when the infrared (IR) sensor is activated the frill will deploy, jaws open, and the LED eyes will light up, all before scurrying away to a safe distance. In Follow-me when the IR sensor is activated this STEM robot will give an energetic frill display. If this smart toy does not sense danger it will follow like a pet.

Recommended for ages 10 and up. 

Kit Includes: instruction manual, and approximately 90+ pieces to assemble the robot. 

Does not include:
4 AAA Batteries (required)
Diagonal Cutter, screwdriver, hammer, box cutter/utility knife, safety glasses

From Elenco 
# TTR-892

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