Kids First Math - Attribute Blocks Math Kit with Activity Cards

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Time after time, experience shows that learning by manipulating physical objects with one’s own hands — learning by doing things firsthand, rather than being told about them or reading about them in a book — is extremely effective. Thames & Kosmos has a long history of incorporating this principle into science education. Now, we are bringing this experience to the Kids First Math line, a series of hands-on kits with activity cards or lesson guides designed to demonstrate and teach concepts in mathematics, as well as other skills such as logical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking.

  • A set of 60 plastic shapes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes
  • Used to develop skills in logical thinking, classifying, observing, and comparing
  • Durable plastic for long-term use and easy cleaning

Contents 5 shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle, hexagon) each in 3 colors (red, yellow, blue), 2 sizes (10 and 30 square centimeters), and 2 thicknesses (3 and 6 mm); 5 activity cards; plastic storage box

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