Honeycomb Havoc!

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When you're a hungry bear with a rumble in your tummy, a beehive looks like a buffet! Use your paws to poke out pieces of honeycombs, snatching up delicious gobs of honey to munch for lunch. Just don't alert the queen! If she falls, it's game over, and losing really stings! 

Cut from natural wood and finished with safe, water-based paint, Honeycomb Havoc! is a fun dexterity challenge that supercharges fine motor skills and critical thinking capacity. 

From Imagination Generation

How to play: 

  1. Place the hex honeycomb pieces into the beehive frame.
  2. Set the Queen Bee on the top of the hive.
  3. The youngest player takes the first turn, and play continues to the left.
  4. Use your finger to poke out any single honeycomb you choose. But beware: some honeycombs have worker bees on them. You can't take those ones!
  5. Once you start pushing a honeycomb, you can't choose another.
  6. Play continues as players push out more and more honeycombs. It's ok if the Queen Bee topples, but not if she falls!
  7. If the Queen Bee falls, you lose! If she makes it safely to the bottom, the player who nabbed the most honeycombs wins!

Contents: Gameboard; 6 suspect pawns; 6 miniature weapons; deck of Suspect, Weapon, and Room cards; case file envelope, pad of detective notebook sheets, die, and rules

  • Ages 3 and up
  • 1-4 players  
  • 10 minutes of gameplay

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