Game of Life - 1960 Reproduction

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Enjoy the Game of Life with this wonderful classic edition from Hasbro & Winning Moves Games. Everything you adored about the original 1960 game will be found inside: the authentic game board path and career options, insurance certificates, cars, peg people, spinner, buildings, mountains, and more! Play wisely and you might become a Millionaire Tycoon living in Millionaire Acres! If "life" proves tough, don't despair, just give the wheel a spin and play again. Good fortune is always around the corner. That's LIFE!  

    sturdy bi-fold game board with plastic buildings and mountains, money pad, cards, stock and insurance certificates, 8 plastic cars, pink and blue people-pegs, number board, bankers trays, and rules.

    • Recommended for ages 10 and up   
    • 2-6 players




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