Blockbeard's Balancing Boat

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Blockbeard's Balancing Boat Play Set is a fun and educational stackable toy from Imagination Generation.

Arrr, lil' matey! Wha' may be these pirates doin' on the high seas? They be havin' a boatload o' plunder- more than it can hold! Can ye help 'em balance out thar load so it doesn't fall into one o' the seven seas?

It's a fun, puzzling challenge to stack up the whole boat, and it develops fine motor skills and promotes critical thinking and problem solving! The full cast of characters includes a captain, the crew, map, supplies, and treasures. And no two pieces are the same, so each time you play is a new adventure! This toy is simple to play, tough to master, providing hours and hours of replay value.


  • Ages 3 and up
  • 1 or more players  


  • 14 all-natural wood pieces painted with bright, bold colors
  • 1 boat to balance them on.

Item # TCDG-003

From Imagination Generation

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