Water Power STEM Kit: Rocket-Propelled Cars, Boats, and More

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Harness the power of air and water to make things move!  Build  six different air-and-water powered models- water-rocket cars, jet-propelled boats, a water gun, and even a lawn sprinkler. Learn about the laws of physics and their applications in real-world engineering. When you pump air into your rocket, you increase the air pressure inside. Then when you release the clamp, watch out — the air and water mixture inside will shoot out, causing your rocket to zoom off in the opposite direction! Many machines, from the oldest pipe organs to modern day rocket ships use the same technologies that power your water rockets. Experiment to test some of the differences between water and air, and learn why your rocket needs both to go fast.

Product Information

  • Ages: 8+
  • Experiments: 6
  • Piece Count: 47
  • Manual Pages: 47

NGSS Correlations:
2-PS1-3 Matters and its Interaction
K-2-ETS1-1 Engineering Design
K-2-ETS1-3 Engineering Design
4-PS3-1 Energy
4-PS3-4 Energy
K-2 ETS1-2 Engineering Design


Educator Resources:
Download Lab Worksheet

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