Train and Parade Adapter #007 (retired)

Train and Parade Adapter #007 (retired)

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Adapter works with :
# 4022804 Brite Lites Christmas Parade;
# 4022806 Marching Bulbs;
# 4030961 Train And Parade Adapter Enables ability to plug-in secondary

Snow Village Christmas Lites Parade and Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails Train pieces. This is the same adapter included with the #800001 Haunted Rails Train Engine or #4022804 Snow Village Brite Lites Parade Santa's Float. Use it to power Halloween Train Cars or the Parade Floats individually. The Haunted Rails Trains series, electrically, is produced to connect only four engine and/or cars. The lights of the train cars get significantly dimmer after adding 3 cars to the train engine. An extra adapter provides more power. In order to display all five pieces adequately, the Haunted Rails Train and Christmas Parade Adapter (#4030961) is required.

Item # 4030961

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