Paint Your Own - Story Stones

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Bring stories to life! This creative craft becomes a game when it’s complete. First, paint 16 smooth stones with colorful pictures and bake them for a long-lasting finish. Then, mix up the stones in the story bag and pull them out one by one to help you tell a tale. It can be funny, mysterious, adventurous…and different every time you play! Best of all, you can use your story stones again and again, year after year. It’s a great gift for one child to design their own personalized storytelling stones, or for the whole family to do together and take turns telling tales.

• Paint 16 story stones and become a master storyteller!
• Empower children to use their own imaginations to entertain themselves and each other
• Develops hand-eye coordination, confidence, creative thinking and vocabulary
• A fun activity to do as a family
• Travel-sized canvas bag allows the finished game to be taken on the go
• The instructions include tips on painting and storytelling
• Paint pots include pinch-open lids for easy opening and closing
• Everything you need is included: 16 stones, 12 paints, 2 paintbrushes, 1 drawstring story bag and instruction guide

PAL Award

Ages 8 and up

From MindWare

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