Mahogany Bay Arabian

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The Arabian is one of the world's oldest breeds of horse! Noted for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty, Arabians are also known for their stamina and success at endurance riding. Most Arabians have a natural tendency to cooperate with humans. Mahogany is a dark bay color with black hairs mixed with brownish red, and there is a deep reddish color in the coat with black points.

Note:  We are a brick & mortar store and we do our best to ensure the boxes are in good condition, but some self-wear can occur, some are received with wear, and if you have concerns about the exact condition of a box before purchasing, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

  • Ages 4+ 
  • 1:12 Scale
  • Freedom Series (a.k.a. Classics Collection)
  • Model # 1056

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