Magical Unicorn Science - Klutz Maker Lab

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Who knew that you could combine science and unicorns?  The unicorn sanctuary need to be brought back to life... but how? Start by building the island base, then conduct lots of experiments to create everything your unicorns need to thrive. Crystal rainbow trees and instant jelly flowers can be grown as delicious food for them. Make a color-changing waterfall to explore the chemistry of acids and bases. Get hands-on with magic mud to learn about non-Newtonian fluids (Oobleck) and use the crystal prism to create rainbows.

Recommended for ages 7 and up 

Contains: One unicorn figurine, 3-Piece island base, One grow stone, Beaker, Two packets of crystal liquid, One rainbow punch-out sheet, One clear crystal, Flower powder packets in four colors (sodium polyacrylate, Two tree parts, Pink Citrus Fizzing Powder (citric acid), Blue Marvel Fizzing Powder (baking soda), Hocus Purple Pocus (red cabbage powder), Magic mud (cornstarch), 20-Page instruction book

ISBN # 9781338745252

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