Lite-Brite Refill

Lite-Brite Refill

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Need extra pegs for your Lite-Brite to make more complex images? Or to replace the pegs that slowly go missing? This refill package contains 100 pegs in assorted colors to get you back on track with your Lite-Brite toy! 

Lite-Brite is like, the totally rad 80's retro toy! It’s just like you remember, but better than ever! Lite-Brite lets you create art with light using design templates and bright, colorful pegs - then lights it up like a neon sign. This updated classic operates a lot like the retro toy you remember – but is now easier and safer to operate. It has battery-powered LED lights that last for years and generate little to no heat, which means no more power cords or hot incandescent light bulbs that burn out! All Lite-Brite toys include pegs and 6 design templates to get you started, and there are Downloadable Templates for even more fun designs! As always, you can do it freestyle and create your own images, too! 

  • Recommended for ages 4 and up 
  • 100 Pegs 
  • From Basic Fun!

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