Glow.0 LED Juggling Balls

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Yessss! Good quality, usb rechargeable, 70mm LED juggling balls at a sweet price. Plus they are endorsed by juggler extraordinaire Wes Peden, who was voted #1 in the top 40 jugglers of the year 10 times.

Produced by  Fun in Motion, these "Wes Peden Signature Series Glow.0 Juggling Balls" feature 2 LED lights for a brighter and more colorful juggling experience. You’ll have control over selecting all the beautiful color options, or customizing your light modes. Plus they have 2 brightness settings for performance or extended battery life.

"The Glow.0 Juggling balls are the perfect weight, size, and grip! I love being able to juggle any color I want with the click of a button while still having a high-quality ball that works perfectly for my favorite tricks. I highly recommend them to jugglers of all levels!"

Wes Peden
Professional Juggler

Ages 6 and up

    From Fun In Motion Toys 

    # JB01-WP

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