Downtown Grass Valley Ornament - The Center For The Arts (2021)

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This unique collection of Christmas ornaments celebrates the spirit of Downtown Grass Valley through its architecture! A new ornament is released every year in the fall, just in time for the holidays. This fun tradition began in 2004 when Howard Levine and the Downtown Grass Valley Association found an ornament manufacturer that specialized in custom made ornaments. Though the manufacturers have changed throughout the years, the tradition has not. 
    All the ornaments are made of brass, and with the exception of the Ore Cart and the Stamp Mill, the ornaments are colored with enamel, and come in a presentation box. 

The Center For The Arts 
The building dates back to 1947 and was used for various car dealerships until 1984. Between 1984 and 1998 it was used for a beauty school, a dance center, and (briefly) as a video production center.  In 1998 the Northern California Center for the Arts leased the building, and in 2001 was "purchased by Jon Blinder with funding from Gold Country Lenders", and in 2003, he then donated the building to the Center for the Arts. Beginning in 2004 the building underwent stages of renovations and improvements that were completed in 2020... just in time for the Covid-19 pandemic. The gorgeous Art Deco style exterior adds an elegance to downtown Grass Valley, and the quality of programs and community events adds to the quality of life in Nevada County. 

The complete list of ornaments: 

2004 : Holbrooke Hotel (sold out) 
2005: Del Oro Movie Theater (sold out) 
2006: Grass Valley Library Royce Branch
2007: Old Post Office
2008: Nevada County Bank (sold out) 
2009: Foothill Flowers (sold out) 
2010: Foothill Mercantile (sold out) 
2011: The Union Square Building (sold out) 
2012: Clock Tower (sold out) 
2013: The Stamp Mill
2014: Ore Car 
2015: Episcopal Church
2016: Elks Lodge
2017: Tofanelli's
2018: Tess'/Mill St Clothing Co. 
2019: Heart & Home
2020: Yuba Blue  
2021: Center For The Arts
2022: Holbrooke Hotel (Restoration)

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