Classics - Deluxe Country Stable with Horse & Wash Stall

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The Deluxe Country Stable with Horse & Wash Stall is the perfect stable to house and care for the horse of your dreams! This great set has three roomy stalls, so there’s room to expand your herd. Additional features are a built-in wash stall that slides out for use, a swinging hose, and a hinged roof which opens for additional access!

Included in this stable set is a beautiful 1:12 scale Freedom Series buckskin Quarter Horse; four fencing sections; attached saddle racks and bridle hooks; and movable ladder.

Assembled Stable measures 15" L x 9.5" W x 7.5" H.

A great playset that will provide for hours of playtime and creative fun for your Breyer fan!

Note: One of the boxes was sent to us with light damage, but the product is fine. If the condition of the box is very important to you, please check in with us! Thank you. 

  • Ages 4+ 
  • 1:12 Scale
  • Freedom Series (a.k.a. Classics Collection)
  • Model # 61149

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