Building & Accessory Lighting System

Building & Accessory Lighting System

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The building & accessories Lighting System enables you to light up to 9 buildings and 3 accessories with just one plus int an electrical outlet. When lighting buildings, no more tangling of the plugs for your building light cords! By using the accessory light cords to light Department 56 lighted accessories, you can eliminate those bulky battery boxes and electrical adapters from your display! And, all the wiring is thinner so it's easier to disguise your displays. 
  • Includes building light cords:
       3 with 36" length
       3 with 48" length
       3 with 60" length
  • Includes 9 light bulbs (3 volt) for building light cords
  • Includes 3 accessory cords with 48" length
  • Includes one power strip system 12.75" 
  • Village Lighting Accessory

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