Zena - Unicorn Mare (retired)

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In an enchanted glade shrouded in mystery dwells a very special and reclusive animal. Her image has graced art and literature across centuries, and she has been the subject of folklore and poetry in many cultures. She is Zena, the unicorn! It is said that she is a creature of pure goodness, so much so that her mane and tail are awash in soft rainbow hues. Only a lucky few have ever laid their eves upon her. If you are pure of heart and brave enough to seek her, you may catch a glimpse of her pearlescent coat, or rose-gold horn shining in the moonlight!

From the tip of her horn to the end of her glittering tail, Zena is a spectacular homage to the mystical unicorn!

The legend of the mystical unicorn is one that has been with us since antiquity. Tales of the majestic horse with a magical horn have captivated the imaginations and hearts of people the world over. It is said that beholding a unicorn should be considered an omen of good luck. They have been portrayed as untamable creatures that symbolize goodness, truth and purity.

However, legend also paints them as solitary, illusive creatures that only reveal themselves to those who are pure of heart and intention.

Different cultures each have their own interpretations of the unicorn. It has been imagined with features such as a spiral horn of varying lengths, cloven hooves, different coat colors, and many sizes. From images captured in elaborate tapestries during the renaissance, to beloved works of literature and film, it's clear that the unicorn has enchanted its way through history!

Breyer's stunning sculpture celebrates the unicorn legend, and brings another artistic portrayal of this benevolent mythical beast to life!

  • Ages 8+
  • 1:9 Scale
  • Traditional
  • Model # 1790

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