Tricky Trunks

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Get ready for elephant-sized fun with the game Tricky Trunks! In this game, players race to fill their elephant trunks with colorful balls. But you've got to collect the correct balls in order to win the challenge.

The game box becomes the playing space where the 48 balls are corralled. Flip over a challenge card, and then all players race to fill their trunks with the balls on the card. To do so, just hold your elephant game piece by the handle and press the trunk tube over a ball. To empty the tube, slide the clip and flip the elephant over. Make sure to dump out the balls over the box.

There are three types of challenge cards. In one, players must fill their trunks with all eight balls of their own color. In another, players can collect 11 balls of any color. And on the third, players race to collect the balls shown in any order. The first player to finish the challenge correctly wins the round and collects the card as a point. The first player to 10 points wins the game.

Made by Blue Orange

Contents: 4 elephant toys, 48 colored marbles, 48 challenge cards, illustrated rules

    • Recommended for ages 5+   
    • 2-4  players

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