Survival Science- Secret Hacks For Backyard Survival

Survival Science- Secret Hacks For Backyard Survival

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Get ready to harness the power of nature! In this kit, you'll learn things like how to cook in a solar oven and how to make clean drinking water. Engineers do projects like this all over the world, and now, you can try them for yourself. 

Stem learning at its finest - the universe is amazing, so why shouldn't learning about it be fun? As you do Each experiment, you'll find questions to get you thinking, opportunities to communicate what you learned to your friends and family, and explanations of how Scientists use these same ideas!

From scishow, as seen on YouTube - Scissors is one of the internet's most popular science Education channels on YouTube. Hank Green and the rest of the Scissors team are known for being curious about the world and explaining everything from chemistry to astrophysics, and our videos have been viewed more than one billion times. Encourages logic, exploration, experimentation, an interest in physics and chemistry

Made by Universe Unboxed

Product Information

  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Experiments: 20
  • 1 Bag of Calcium Chloride
  • 1 Bag of Super Absorbent Jelly Crystal
  • 1 Bag of Active Carbon
  • 1 Bag of Iron Filing
  • 1 Bag of Gravel
  • 1 Bag of Sand
  • Also includes petri dish, plastic funnels, plastic tubes, compass card, magnet, needle, thermometer, filter paper, aluminum foil, solar oven, and instructions

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