Solar Print Kit

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This big kit includes everything needed to make fun and educational solar prints (aka sun prints), which are also more commonly known as cyanotype, and is one of the oldest photographic processes (invented in 1842). It is famous for its beautiful blue tones and was once used to make blueprints. 
How does it work? Place objects on top of a sheet of light-sensitive solar print paper, expose it to the sun, and a rinse in water makes the image permanent! Safe and easy to use. A fun science or art project. May also use UV light sources to print- but it takes longer than the sun. 

Includes: 12 pieces of 5in x 7in solar paper sheets, two print frame holders, three blank note cards with envelopes, for sending your prints to friends and family, and full instructions.

Recommended Ages 5 and up 

Demo image used with permission from the artist 

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