Race to the Roof

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Race to the Roof is a Ravensburger classic! Place the 16 room cards right side up on the game board where indicated. They don't need to be placed in any particular order, which allows for a different game every time! Shuffle the chance cards, which show different objects in the house, and place them beside the board where everyone can reach them. Roll the die and move forward the number of spaces thrown. If you roll a "6", draw a chance card and find the object pictured somewhere in the house. Once you've found the object, move your playing piece to the red space just below it. You may be able to take a giant leap forward, or you may have to go backwards. The first player to reach the skylight in the attic wins the game! What Do You Learn? The ability to recognize matching objects and perceive small differences, which is essential preparation for learning how to read.

Contents: 16 room cards, 20 object cards,  4 playing pieces, 1 Die, 1 Game Board, Instructions

    • Recommended for ages 5+  
    • 2 - 4 players
    • Game time runs 15-20 minutes

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