Playmobil - Horse Stable with Arabian Horse

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Taking care of a horse is hard work! Arabians are fun to ride, and this groom takes such good care of her beloved horse. She has brushes to groom their coat, a cozy stall to take shelter in and a paddock to run around in. 

Contents: 77 pieces. Figures: 1 rider; Animals: 1 horse, 1 bird; Accessories 1 horse box, 4 gates, 1 gate, 1 straw insert, 2 straw, 2 posts, 2 post adapters, 1 drinking trough, 1 hook for drinking trough, 1 feeding rack, 1 box with lid, 1 name plate, 2 hay bundles, 1 horse; accessories for cleaning, 1 crop, 1 horse dung, 4 bandages, 1 riding cap

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