Pip & Squeak's Cheese Stack

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Pip & Squeak are the hungriest little mice ever! Help them collect cheese wedges in three fun games!

In Cheese Stack, take turns placing a cheese wedge on a mouse. The uniquely shaped cheese pieces allow for some wild piles of cheese! Get rid of all you cheese first and win.

Oops a Cheesy! Stack wedges on Pip or Squeak. Next place the other mouse on top. Can you grab each mouse and carefully turn the entire stack over without losing any cheese wedges?! One or two is easy, but can you do five? Seven? How about 10 cheese wedges? 

In Arch Rivals all players work together to make a giant cheese arch between Pip & Squeak. Cooperate and win! 


  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cooperation and patience

From Getta 1 Games

Contents: 2 wooden mouse pieces, 20 wooden cheese wedges, and rules for three games

    • Recommended for ages 3 and up   
    • 1-4 players

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