Note Nook Wall Calendar 2021 - Simple Inspirations

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With two storage pockets and a full size calendar, the Simple Inspirations Note Nook is the perfect organizational tool! Enjoy dual pockets with a unique design each month as you store cards, bills, coupons and more. The Simple Inspirations Note Nook organizes daily events and allows you to track future commitments and features beautiful artwork by Debi Hron! Images of quiet everyday moments with inspiring messages decorate the top pocket of every month, while the bottom pocket is colored to match. Note Nook, the original 24 pocket calendar, provides an artful solution to your organization needs! This calendar is perfect as décor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. Each calendar month is easy to glance at and see what responsibilities you have coming up, so make sure you stay organized through the year! Personalization is easy with different colors for appointments and trips, add stickers or sticky notes for a quick reference, or create your own system of symbols and abbreviations.

  • Best-selling Calendar title!
  • The Original pocket calendar
  • Two pockets every month
  • Store coupons, bills, receipts and more
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Features full-color artwork by Debi Hron
  • Includes all major and significant holidays
  • Perfect for busy families
  • Great for the home or office
  • Does NOT fit Lang brand calendar frames

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