Matching Game - Jr. Ranger

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Get ready to test your memory skills in this classic matching game that's fun for the whole family! Learn to identify different animal tracks, animals, and outdoor activities! Shuffle the cards and spread them out face-down. Take turns turning over 2 cards- collect the cards if they match. The player with the most cards wins! 

Memory Games helps: 

  • Improve visual and spatial memory
  • Develop various memory tricks
  • Strengthen concentration and attention

From MasterPieces

    36 picture cards (18 matching pairs.)

      • Recommended for ages 3 and up   
      • 1-4 players

      What's a Junior Ranger? The youngest park visitors can become a member of the National Park Service family through the Junior Ranger program. Kids and families have the opportunity to uniquely experience and lean about the national parks, and how they can help protect them today and into the future.  
      There are currently over 200 Junior Ranger programs in the National Park Service. In each of these parks, kids interview Rangers, complete games, and answer questions about the park and the National Park Service. At the end of their experience in the park, they are sworn in as Junior Rangers and receive a special certificate and official Junior Ranger badge.  

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