Hundreds of Horses

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Let your imagination run wild with this unique game for all horse lovers! See how well you know the other players' horse sense and win out with yours! Mix and match 100 horses in the stables with creative stories, individual personality traits and awards. Round-up four beautifully photographed horse cards and read a colorful description of each horse. Then, each player secretly votes which horse best suits that story. Score when your "horse sense" matches other players. You'll be surprised what your horse-loving friends think.
Made by Ravensburger, a company famous for their quality and creativity. 

Contents: 100 Horse Photo Cards, 60 Horse Description Cards, 1 Game Board, 1 Die, 16 Voting Tiles, 24 Scoring Tokens, Instructions.

    • Recommended for ages 6+   
    • 3-4  players

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