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Chunky Monkey in the Middle is the fast-paced, fill-in-the-blank party game where players match wits to figure out the Monkey in the Middle riddle. Think you know it?

In the game players compete against one another to solve word puzzles read aloud by one of the other players. Clues might be words or phrases like "Fur" and "of Paint" or "Dude" and "Dressing". The first player to figure out the connecting word ("Coat" and "Ranch") will grab for the squishy Chunky Monkey figurine and shout out their answer! If they are right they score a card, but if they are wrong the reader gets to keep the card. The first player to collect three cards that show "Chunky", "Monkey" and "In the Middle" on the back wins!

Try a few: "Dude  ______  Dressing"  (Ranch) 
                  "Strip ______ Party" (Search) 
                  "Filthy _______ and Creamy" (Rich) 
                  "Deposit _____ of the Tongue" (Slip)

  • Ages 10 and up 
  • 3-8 Players 


  • 400 riddle cards
  • 1 (slighty overweight) monkey
  • Rules sheet

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