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Take something ordinary and turn it into something amazingly cool. Capsters includes 15 blank bottle caps, super-cute charms, googly eyes, jewels, and over 160 pieces of punch-out art. Take a bottle cap, add the embellishments you want, top it off with our special Capsters glaze, and you have a cap-sized masterpiece. Capsters is a craft kit you can use to decorate bottle cap jewelry, or to create cool (soda) pop art.

Recommended for ages 8 and up 

 Comes with:

  • 38-Page book of ideas, inspiration, and instruction
  • 15 bottle caps
  • Over 160 art punch-outs
  • Custom Klutz glaze
  • 6 Charms
  • Googly eyes & jewels
  • Clips & coated wire

ISBN # 9780545419048

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