Blessing Jar - Count Your Blessings

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This Blessing Jar is made of white ceramic, with flowers and "BLESSINGS" molded into the clay with "Count your many BLESSINGS. Start each day with a GRATEFUL HEART" printed in black. The cork stopped is broad, thick, and is easy to remove and replace. Measures 6" tall, 4.5" in diameter, mouth is 3" diameter. 

How do Blessing Jars work? "
Whenever you recognize a blessing in your life throughout the year, just write it on a piece of paper, fold it up, and stick it in the blessing jar." Later, you go back through the jar and recount the blessings. You can read them together as a family on a special day such as New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a day of your choosing. It is a way to get positive conversations going about the good things that have happened. 

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